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Is It Spring Already?

Howdy guys,
we're back! Or technically I am, but doesn't matter. And we haven't really even been away...

But anyways, maybe something not so completely off-topic chitchat would be more interesting, eh?

So, to start with, the winter is stepping aside and the temperatures are hitting springly readings on a daily basis! Technically we could go fishing right now to some nearby river, but we're a bit tight on our schedule, so the fishing - it feels bad to say this - will have to wait. And that's a bummer, but sometimes you just have to deal with blunt stuff like that.

Next summer everything will be totally different, though (or then exactly the same, one can never know). We're hoping to get to hit some good hatches and stuff and to catch some chubby trouts and their siblings. There's one certain thing at the heart of this uncertaintiness, though, and that's C&R. That's right, just as we've done before, we'll try and give our best shot in pra…

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