Mar 27, 2015

Is It Spring Already?

This winter's fruits

Howdy guys,
we're back! Or technically I am, but doesn't matter. And we haven't really even been away...

But anyways, maybe something not so completely off-topic chitchat would be more interesting, eh?

So, to start with, the winter is stepping aside and the temperatures are hitting springly readings on a daily basis! Technically we could go fishing right now to some nearby river, but we're a bit tight on our schedule, so the fishing - it feels bad to say this - will have to wait. And that's a bummer, but sometimes you just have to deal with blunt stuff like that.

Next summer everything will be totally different, though (or then exactly the same, one can never know). We're hoping to get to hit some good hatches and stuff and to catch some chubby trouts and their siblings. There's one certain thing at the heart of this uncertaintiness, though, and that's C&R. That's right, just as we've done before, we'll try and give our best shot in practising catch and release-fishing of brown trout and other endangered species in the whole of Finland.

See ya!

Dec 5, 2014

End Of Season

I'd rather be fishing right now, but whatever.

Hello to everyone out there reading our blog!

Long time no hear, huh? Yup, but the season is coming to its end once again, and one does not simply go fly fishing at minus twenty celsius degrees. Currently it still would be a decent fly fishing weather up here, though: a couple of minus or plus degrees and light rain or snowfall sometimes. But then there's the other stuff that every single time (or so it seems, anyways) hampers your fly fishing plans, and then you just have to deal with it and - this really breaks my heart - limit your fly fishing.

"It's all about the right balance," one could say. But when you can't go fishing for an eternity, then you just get an aching need for it. After this hell of a rant, let's just do something distantly fishing-related and watch old fly fishing photos while suffering from the withdrawal symptoms of fly fishing.

Cheers, us.

Aug 3, 2014

Boilin' Hot Waters

Hello there!

It's been Hot here lately, and that's not a good thing at least as far as the fly fishermen are concerned. The already three-weeks-long heatwave has risen the water temperatures in lakes and rivers to over 25 degrees, which hardly is an ideal temperature for trout and other salmon-related species, at least when it comes to c&r-fishing. No we'll just have to wait for the waters and weather to cool down a bit, because fly fishing at such high temperatures isn't a great pleasure - not even for the otherwise always so eager fishermen.

As usual, there aren't much fishing-stories to tell, but we have caught a couple of fish' since the last entry (which was posted already two months ago, sorry for that), so here's a few pictures for you guys. You're welcome.

We'd really appreciate if you first ask for a permission before you use our pictures.

May 31, 2014

Wet Conditions

Hello there!

It's been a really really long time since our last blog entry, like two months already. And we apologize for that, but now we're back in business after the busy spring. Our summer holiday just began today, and we decided to celebrate it by going fishing - already on last Thursday.

As the title says, the conditions weren't exactly the best possible for fly fishing. A pouring rain and quite low temperatures aren't exactly the ideal conditions for fly fishing - nor are they for other outdoor activities. But, we were determined to go fly fishing that day no matter what the conditions were, because we hadn't fished in such a looong time. The day wasn't properly speaking the most action-packed in terms of fly fishing, but we did have quite a lot of fun despite the rain. I could write a story about the varied intensity of rain during the day, but I think you'll be more pleased with a few photos.

And stay tuned, after all it's summer now!

Apr 2, 2014

Ducks 'n' Sunshine on Muuramenjoki

Howdy guys!

As the title says, we opened our fly fishing season on Muuramenjoki. The weather was perfect and unusually warm for the end of March, about 11 degrees celsius and the sun was shining all the time from a bright sky. So the conditions were absolutely great - for us, but maybe not so much for fly fishing, 'cause, you guessed it - we blanked again. Not a single fish was caught that day, nor did we get any strikes, or any clear fish sightings.

But we'll be back and hopefully we'll catch something.

Total number of fish caught: Zero, Nada, Null. Total number of plants, trees and junk caught: Too much.

Don't use these pics without a permission!